(Image source: Derek and Brandon Fletcher)

I would like to propose a specific variety of relativism, which has the following characteristics: 1) there is an a priori existing small-t truth and capital-t Truth out there; 2) but while we can know some truths, no one can know all the truths and the perfect Truth. (For the sake of convenience, I define small-t truth as concerning the observable and non-observable realities of our universe, which will both be explored later on; I define capital-t Truth as perfect, absolute knowledge.) …

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, Rembrandt (1632)

When Politico magazine asked big thinkers how the Covid-19 pandemic will change our world, some of them heralded the revival of science and expertise: “Science reigns again” and “a return to faith in serious experts” were among their answers. And for a moment that seems like a comforting thought, as nations rally their most erudite scientific minds to assemble their respective coronavirus task forces. …

Arbie Baguios

Humanitarian — by nature and by profession. Altruism, behavioural science, complexity, decolonisation, development, economics, philosophy, systems thinking.

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